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Los Andes No Creen En Dios

Los Andes No Creen En Dios
Formato: DVD, En Español, subtítulos en Inglés y Francés Director: Antonio Eguino

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The film is loosely based on the 1974 novel Los Andes no creen en Dios by Adolfo Costa du Rels and two short stories by the same author, La Misk'isimi (Sweet Lips in Quechua) and Plata del diablo (The Devil's Silver).[1]

The film is set in the late 1920s in the small and remote mining town of Uyuni in the highlands of Bolivia, lying between a vast salt desert and towering mountains. The hero is Alfonso Claros, a young writer who has been educated in France and who arrives in Uyuni seeking to make his fortune in mining.[2] He begins an affair with the sultry mestizo Claudina, but breaks it off due to local prejudice. Claudina turns to Joaquín, a friend of Alfonso, destroying the friendship between the two men. Alfonso befriends Clota, a former singer and now the local brothel keeper.[3]

Alfonso joins Genaro, a mystic and expert prospector, on a search for a gold vein in the mountains, and the quest turns out to be a turning point in both men's lives. Returning to Uyuni, Alfonso finds that Claudina and Clota have aroused the intolerance of the priest and the local women, who have embarked on a campaign against them. Sickened by events, Alfonso leaves Uyuni. Twenty years later, Alfonso is on the way to take up the position of Bolivian ambassador to France, when his train stops over in Uyuni. He meets Joaquín by accident, and as he remembers Claudina is confirmed in his feelings about Joaquín.[3]